Going wiki

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It’s a big, big world.

I just created a new account on Wikipedia because I forgot my first account and never made any entries with it because I was a lazy tart (still am occasionally). I’m still wracking my brains on what things to write/contribute to this vast digital encyclopedia that I am really knowledgeable about and would actually be of any use to anybody. I checked Wikipedia for entry on “boogers” and there were actually several. Apparently, I’m not the only one interested in this human secretion (and booger jelly beans. though I haven’t tasted the jelly bean) But looking into the “Dried Nasal Mucus” entry, I found it was lacking a huge amount of information. Why aren’t people taking care of this entry? Come on, love your own boogers!

Anyway, reading the very short entry, I found this salty and crusty information on people’s booger eating habits:

“Eating Boogers

Among other weird things which people eat, Stefan Gates in his book Gastronaut discusses the habit of eating boogers. While many people find this revolting, Gates claims that 44% of persons he questioned have eaten their own boogers in adulthood.[1]

Since the function of nasal mucus is to filter airborne contaminants, a natural question is whether it is unhealthy to eat boogers. Gates comments that “our body has been built to consume snot”, because the nasal mucus is normally swallowed after being moved inside by the motion of the cilia. [1]”

Very tasty read don’t you think?

Now, I got a lot of work to do.



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In the past, I thought:


But in the past two days I was able to pull off a miracle.

I was able to finish a project (!)which I haven’t done in months because I was always planning and starting a lot of things and being in the middle of things and because some of my projects do take time to get done, but this one only took me two days because it was a whim immediately acted upon, of which action I have sacrificed my planned implementation of my other projects, but the heck, at least I started a small one and finished it and am happy with the result although it’s still a product open for changes and that’s what I like about it, it’s not just a notebook or a diary for heaven’s sake not just one thing, yeah i say


Of course not.

so it’s a lot of things, it could be a dream book, a sketchbook, a whatever book which makes it more fun to own because it could be restyled, like an old knife with a bad handle and a good blade so to make do with it you take off the handle and replace it with a good handle and when the blade turns rusty you replace it with a good blade and so on until you realize that what you’re really left is the idea of the ideal knife because you look at the knife your holding and you see it isn’t the original knife any longer but may be a better knife so perhaps that could go for my whatever bookthisisnotadiary0011

Notes on materials:

1/8 illustration board (cut in half)


news print and parchment paper for book leaves

post screw

Touch and Go (for cover print)

New mission

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Great work ahead. I am going to make an art portfolio of works by local artists I’ve met and known (young and old, budding and masters) so far. The idea was posed to me by Artnanay after I talked to her about my frustration with my boss who has little idea of the richness of talent in the local art scene (especially those of the budding and young artists). She has been learning. But perhaps, my future portfolio will help her (myself too, and others) better see what she has been missing. I am thinking of several other ways this portfolio could be used. I’ve met some people who are in need of artistic hands in their projects and perhaps with a collective portfolio I could help them find the people they need for the job. In that way, I could also get my artist friends earn money, a clientele and reputation. This could also provide a backbone for a survey of local artists that could be data for any future publication projects like directories, catalogues, etc.

I think this is a promising project. Don’t you?